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Hockey in Latvia

Brief history

Registered players in Latvia

The first IIHF annual survey of players was introduced for 1995-96 season where information was collected from every country's hockey federations and published in IIHF report. The surveying method can differ from one country to another but this was a good way to observe hockey trends and popularity in each country. All these statistics are official and published but the flat 1999-00, 2000-01 and 2018-19 seasons could be classified as a missing information.

As I was searching the information all over the place by contacting Latvian ice hockey federation without any helpful information on missing years I had to contact the IIHF to gather the information. After spending a lot of hours to this seemingly small amount of numbers to finish this graph you are looking at I won't take kindly any re-posting of any kind without the reference to this page.

My highest gratitudes to the IIHF staff members who invested their time to help me gather everything I need to finish this.

Ice skating rinks in Latvia

As of June 2021 there are 20 operating arenas with 24 ice rinks where Volvo SC ledus halle has 3 ice rinks under it's roof and Daugavas stadiona ledus halle has 2 ice rinks while Arēna Rīga is a multi functional venue only used for hosting ice hockey games and standard sized ice rink in T/C Akropole mall I don't want to count in as an arena.

So if you're looking for public ice skating or considering to train in ice hockey, figure skating, short track speed skating, curling or just walk by I can provide the list and the map of ice skating rings in Latvia.

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